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The PositiVibes Network spotlights individuals and organizations helping to create a better world for everyone.  The intent is to build awareness and funding for these positive efforts.  The PositiVibes Network encourages everyone to help support the efforts presented and recommend other efforts to envision new and improved futures for the planet.

As individuals we can benefit our own lives and impact everyone around us by focusing on and thus energizing the good things going on all around us.  Many people spend their lives complaining about everything they see as wrong on this planet.  Sadly the result of their dissatisfaction does nothing to positively change the situation.  The solution lies in focusing on envisioning improved realities and being willing to believe in humanity’s ability to positively transform the world.  Fortunately, for all the doom and gloom fans, there are plenty of people involved in efforts to improve the quality of life.  The PositiVibes Network has been formed to promote empowering hopeful visions and to generate support to increase the success of those efforts.

A handful of worthy ventures are highlighted for the launch of the network.  Each of these organizations is focused on transforming the future reality of those it has set out to assist.  As Gateway Community Outreach says, it offers a “hand up, not a handout”.  This is the key.  Each of these organizations have a central focus on giving people the ability to write new and improved stories for their lives, not just survive a bad story.  This is the primary intent of The PositiVibes Network – to teach people how to take control of their lives and find a path to filling their lives with fun and love rather than a sense of desperation.  Each of these organizations offer the gift of hope for a positively transformed future and that is the key to achieving it.

ScentsAbility ( has provided an occupation perfect for a group of wonderful people with learning and developmental disabilities.  Their program to produce and market scented candles has provided “real” jobs that not only help to support their workers financially, but also provide a sense of pride, accomplishment and camaraderie each and every day.  You can help by making financial contributions to help them expand their program or you might want to work with them to set up your own program modeled after what they have done.

Gateway Community Outreach ( offers another example for positively transforming the future.  Gateway’s goal is to step in and help families and individuals get back on their feet to the state of self-sufficiency. One of the unique features of their services is a 90-Day Treatment Plan.  Gateway assists more than 9,700 families and individuals a year. It has made a difference in the lives of more than 80,000 families since its inception in 1995.  Again, the key is providing a path to a new and improved future not only through financial help but through counseling and education and thus helping design a new life story filled with hope and optimism.

Yet another example offered by The PositiVibes Network is top chef and “Texas King of BBQ” Eddie Deen ( who for years has cooked up great food for Presidents as well as tens of thousands of people dislocated from their normal lives by severe weather.  But much more than being a top chef, Eddie Deen has made positive inspiration for kids a primary focus for his life.   He has taught his ‘Internal Freedom’ course at the Martin Luther King Community Court, Paul Quinn College, the International Street Church, Dallas Police Department, and DISD.  “We have to have leaders that grasp the understanding of the inner being and how the brain, eyes, ears, etc are tools that the consciousness uses to interpret the world.  I believe that people’s beliefs are the causes of human failures, human depression, and human well being. You are what you believe to be true.” says Eddie.  That idea is the central concept at the heart of what the PositiVibes Network seeks to promote.

The future of the planet is ours to create.  Some will focus on all the things that are wrong with the world but others are determined to envision and to teach others how to create a better world.  The PositiVibes Network mission is to empower new and improved visions for our future.  Where there is hope and a positive path to follow, a brighter future for everyone is inevitable.  You are encouraged to give your support to positive, life transforming efforts wherever you find them.  Let us know your stories about positive life transforming ideas and programs at

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Magic Words:  Rasa Hum (I am one with all life energy) 

Judge not least ye be judged.  This is one of many often quoted lines from the bible which is one of the first and best personal growth books ever written.  Like a lot of self help books it can be difficult to understand sometimes because so much of the teaching is done through parables and metaphor that were meant to assure lasting value in a dynamic and ever changing world.  Also of course it has been translated and re-written numerous times injecting opinions that could easily stray from the original intent.  None the less, “judge not” is a very clear statement that is likely true to the original intent.

What it the lesson here?  JUDGE NOT.  Since it is followed up by “least ye be judged” it seems to mainly be concerned with judging others but it is important to just stay with “judge not”.  Since judging is about finding fault generally, finding fault with yourself or feeling you are “unworthy” for all the good life has to offer is an important part of what you are being warned against in “judge not”.

You ARE WORTHY of every wonderful thing life has to offer.  Accept that as truth and you will have learned a most important success secret.  Not only are you worthy, you are one with all life energy and power.  You are perfect in everyway already.  You are a continuously evolving creative being learning how to bring your hopes and dreams into reality.  The only thing that will hold you back is self doubt – self judgement.  You deserve everything that you want – just allow yourself to believe it.


Any Day Is A Great Day To Begin

A New Year’s Tale  by Rasjohnmon
(Magic Words: Shara Vana Ya)
It’s a balmy day as you and I sit here on this covered terrace facing the beach outside the reception area at this retreat in the islands.  Just sit back in your chair and hear the gentle waves in the distance – the cool breeze rustling through the lush vegetation carrying scents of the nearby ocean and tropical flowers.   You can hear the sounds made by local birds and bugs going about their daily affairs.  It’s a soothing concoction for the senses and it is so pleasant to just let go of any resistance and relax into the flow of the abundant energy of the natural wonders surrounding us.  It is easy to let go of the stress and strain that can often feel overwhelming in our practiced reality of everyday life.
I am so glad you have joined me here in this peaceful loving place for a little time of reflection and introspection.  This is a frame of mind just right to begin a New Year of new adventures and fun.  There is one condition.  You must accept (or at least seriously contemplate) one central truth:  Reality is whatever you believe it is.  While you may not actually be sitting in a chair looking out on a beautiful tropical beach in this moment you can easily make that a future reality if you choose.  The problem is that since the moment you were born, the world has been trying to control you by making you believe in limitation and lack, separation and distrust.  The hidden story is that you are actually a very powerful creator able to shape time, space and matter to be whatever you choose to dream up.  Sadly, most people believe they are destined to simply make the best of a world of circumstances they have little or no control over.   This New Year’s Tale is about you recognizing more about who you really are and learning to play a part much more in line with your true capabilities.  Words can’t really communicate the thrill and challenge that comes with this realization but that is where we are headed.
The awareness of your true nature, which ultimately is all about energy and vibration and your ability to intentional shape physical form and circumstances to your will, may still seem a bit abstract or even improbable but don’t worry about it.  For our New Year’s Tale, we are inviting you to take a more intentional role in the story unfolding on this lovely little planet we have named Earth.  In this ongoing tale you have already played many parts and you are really quite a good player.  Right here and now, you have created a life that may seem challenging to you but, in the scope of things, most others would consider you to be quite successful.  That said, you are capable of much more.  You are also here at a critical time and your energy is needed to keep life on this planet moving in more loving and abundant directions rather than getting stuck in a darker time.
As in any great adventure, there are always threats to the wellbeing of the whole.  Why? Because it is the unwanted that points the direction to the new and improved reality.  Here we come to the root of why there is struggle and disease.  As we mentioned, since your birth you have been taught that there are always limits and that you can’t have everything that you want.  There are laws and rules you must obey.  You have to earn everything you get. Only the strong survive.  These are all concepts designed to control you and make you conform to belief in a reality of limitation and heartless competition for power.  It is important that we make it clear that there is nothing wrong with playing that passive part if you are fine with the status quo.  You just need to know that there is no finite substance to it – it is a figment of the imagination held together by the predominant beliefs of those active in the game at the moment.  This brings us to the central vision that you will begin to intentionally direct your creative power to transform reality in more desirable ways.
Consciousness is the fabric of the real world – the shaping and molding energy.  As part of Universal Consciousness, each individual’s beliefs create an image of the world.  Where those images overlap we find the life framework generally considered to be reality.  Truth has nothing to do with it.  Predominant beliefs are quite often totally wrong.  What’s the purpose?  Very simply the purpose is the creation of an ever more intricate, beautiful and loving experience for consciousness.  Why is it a challenge?  It is a challenge because each of our points of creative consciousness is out of control.   The other animals and plants on the planet operate in almost totally pre-programmed ways – they don’t make conscious choices about how to live.  We on the other hand can choose to do whatever we want regardless of how foolish or even self destructive it may be.  This is why “society” is so determined to enforce controls.  It believes conformity and control are the only way to protect us from ourselves and each other.
This is where the ongoing evolution of consciousness and current social conventions come into conflict.  Enlightened consciousness is creating the ever advancing edge of our time space reality where all the action is.  That is where you have found yourself.  The future is yours to shape and this is why it is very important that you turn away from the fear and hate filled stories of the past and present.  There are untold numbers who totally buy into the belief that the only way to “win” is to dominate and control.  They are fully vested in a power structure that they believe represents the way things should be.  The only real power is control over others.  This all comes from a belief that reality is something we have no choice about – we just have to deal with it.  The sad thing is that people will kill and destroy with an absolute belief that they are doing something noble and right.  The real truth is that they are fighting against a future they fear where they no longer will be allowed to dominate the will of others or control them.
So, why are we calling this a New Year’s Tale?  We are reaching a tipping point.  We are coming to a point where a critical mass of individuals have evolved consciously to a point where they realize they clearly have some ability to shape and control events and circumstances to produce the results they are interested in.  People who realize that all fears are based on a false understanding of how reality works.  People like you, who recognize that your “reality” is not the same as everybody else’s know that personal beliefs shape and control personal reality.  Everyone is free to believe whatever they want.  The message of this New Year is that you will know you now are intentionally designing whatever reality you want for yourself.  To do this you need to place your attention and appreciation on the things you want for the world and turn your back on fear and hate.  You will no longer try and fight the wrongs of the world.  Your growing belief in the power of love and light will heal the wounds and quell the anger.  There will be more frontiers ahead but for now our mission is to bring ever more love and joy to the world through intentionally imaging new improved realities.
Together let’s make it a Happy New Year and bring lots of Joy to the World!
To get yourself off to a good start, take a few moments to lessen the resistance to your own good  by sitting back in that chair listening to the lightly breaking waves and enjoying the sounds of those sea birds at play.  A little meditation break is ideal to help you restore your balance and personal power.  Here’s a good mantra for you:
Shara Vana Ya (My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the Universe)
By the way, if you don’t meditate it is a very easy and useful tool for better living.  Simply sit in a relaxed quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.  Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths consciously willing your body to relax and let tension go. Then begin repeating “Shara Vana Ya” to yourself (silently) over and over again.  Whenever you realize you have drifted away from saying the mantra to yourself just come back to repeating it in your head again.  Losing the mantra and coming back to it is perfectly natural.  No effort is needed and you can’t do this wrong.  Meditate for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day. Right after you get up in the morning is a perfect time.  You will find it increasingly relaxing and energizing over time.
Again, Happy New Year, Happy Today!  Live long and prosper by sharing your joy and love to the world.

All You Need Is Love

It’s a song by John Lennon with a little help from his friend Paul and it really says it all.  All You Need Is LOVE.  Love is all you need.

Could it possibly be that simple?  Truth is deceivingly simple and often hard to believe.  The truth is, no Zen koan could better capture the essence of successful living.  While the words are quite direct some elaboration on the logic of the statement is probably necessary to realize how to apply this truth in your own life.

First let’s expand on the word LOVE with some good synonyms:  thankfulness, appreciation and joy. Each of those words express components of the feeling of love.  Think about someone or something you really love.  The more you focus on that feeling the more you will experience an uplifting feeling of energy and wellbeing.  It will bring a smile to your face.  Focusing on that “feeling” of love has a powerful effect on body and mind.  This is the reason that spending your days seeking things to appreciate and be grateful for is the single most powerful “success” habit you can adopt.

This does not mean that everything in your moment to moment reality will be circumstances to be joyful about.  The trick is to keep your focus on the things youcan be thankful for.  Anytime you find yourself feeling bad or even just uncomfortable about something, imagine your way to the how you will feel when the situation ends up working out just right for all involved – how will you feel then?  That’s the feeling to energize. If the problem feels too overwhelming to get the feeling of it all working out perfectly then shift your focus to something entirely different where you can feel good.  Allowing yourself to focus on the “unwanted” will just give energy to that outcome.

Even if you don’t accept that whatever outcome you choose to “believe in” will become your reality, spending your time focused on appreciating all the good things going on in your life is a lot more satisfying than dwelling on possible problems.  “Worrying” about some unwanted situation will never make it go away; it will only make it worse.  For a really happy life you must diligently cast your worries aside and consistently seek out things you appreciate and are thankful for.  As Joseph Campbell stated, “follow your bliss” – that will always keep you on the path to where you want to go.

So, all you really need is LOVE.  With love and appreciation as your dominant emotions, everything will always work out wonderfully well for you and even if it takes a while, you will enjoy the journey.  We will end with another Beatles’ song lyric, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

You Can Always Get What You Really Want

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The Best Is Yet To Come

You can be assured that the best is yet to come because whatever you happen to think about the evolution of the cosmos, you are undeniably an evolving being.  From the moment you were born, that bio-computer brain of yours has been soaking up information that you have been continuously trying to make the best use of.  I believe it is safe to say that most people would agree that they have made some progress.  You have developed a certain amount of skill at dealing with the world you find yourself in.  You have evolved and you are probably hoping to continue to make progress toward and evermore satisfying and “successful” life.

How have you evolved?  Your analytical abilities have become more sophisticated.  You can learn to master more complex tasks.  You may have even developed immense skills to do extraordinary things with ease.  There is a BIG “but”.  With all of the achievements that you have had, do you still wonder what it all means or is there more than this?  If that is a question you have had, then it is very important the you get the assurance that “the best is yet to come” with a little effort on your part.

Most of us who recognize our personal evolution are striving for “success”.  We want more and more success which is perfectly natural.  The only trouble with that is that too often the definition of success has come from all those years of input soaked up by our bio-computer brains.  It is a lot of other people’s ideas of success that they have gotten from a lot of other people that we have accepted as the picture of success.  Since we are each quite unique individuals, there is no way one size fits all any more than everyone agrees on what the best tasting food is.  So, how do you know if you are living a successful life?  It is deceptively simple:  how do you “feel” about it?

Let’s keep this as logic based as possible.  First, what does “success” feel like?  It feels good right?  It’s a sense of personal wellbeing and satisfaction.  You have “peace of mind”. Therefore, let us conclude that if this is how you feel most of the time, you are a successful individual.  From this we can surmise that while your life may not be filled with riches and fame or astounding achievements, that has nothing really to do with your level of success.  Success is not really about things or achievements – it is about how what’s going on in your life makes you “feel”.   If all the medals and money are not making you happy then you are not successful.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of medals and money – the inaccuracy is thinking they will make you happy.

So, what is your answer?  If you want to be on track, you have to do what feels good.  Follow the path of least resistance.  If you are struggling through each day striving for some image of success that always seems to be just out of your grasp, you need to stop and find some things that feel good.  If you keep your focus on things you like with determination you will inevitably find more and more to be happy about.  Tune out the people around you who are constant complainers who love to talk about all the problems of the world.  If you want to be really bold, turn off the news and much of the entertainment media with tales of sadness and the never ending search to find and report on every tragedy and horror in the world.  It does not have to be a daily part of your reality unless you invite it in.  Does it help you be happy?  If not, tune it out.

You want to be successful and happy right?   Instead of giving your attention to fear and uncertainty, focus your intention on finding and celebrating everything good about this world you live in (you might find it very useful to get a few pages of paper right now and write down everything you can think of that you are thankful and happy about).  That is where you will find successful living.  That is what it is all about.  Be happy and have fun – that IS what is really important.  It is highly unlikely that you will help anyone else be happier or have more fun in life unless you set a good example.  Make a habit of being happy and thankful and fun loving and you will be an inspiration to others bringing joy to the world everywhere you go.  Spend as little time as possible doing anything else.  If it does not feel good, you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing it regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.