All You Need Is Love

It’s a song by John Lennon with a little help from his friend Paul and it really says it all.  All You Need Is LOVE.  Love is all you need.

Could it possibly be that simple?  Truth is deceivingly simple and often hard to believe.  The truth is, no Zen koan could better capture the essence of successful living.  While the words are quite direct some elaboration on the logic of the statement is probably necessary to realize how to apply this truth in your own life.

First let’s expand on the word LOVE with some good synonyms:  thankfulness, appreciation and joy. Each of those words express components of the feeling of love.  Think about someone or something you really love.  The more you focus on that feeling the more you will experience an uplifting feeling of energy and wellbeing.  It will bring a smile to your face.  Focusing on that “feeling” of love has a powerful effect on body and mind.  This is the reason that spending your days seeking things to appreciate and be grateful for is the single most powerful “success” habit you can adopt.

This does not mean that everything in your moment to moment reality will be circumstances to be joyful about.  The trick is to keep your focus on the things youcan be thankful for.  Anytime you find yourself feeling bad or even just uncomfortable about something, imagine your way to the how you will feel when the situation ends up working out just right for all involved – how will you feel then?  That’s the feeling to energize. If the problem feels too overwhelming to get the feeling of it all working out perfectly then shift your focus to something entirely different where you can feel good.  Allowing yourself to focus on the “unwanted” will just give energy to that outcome.

Even if you don’t accept that whatever outcome you choose to “believe in” will become your reality, spending your time focused on appreciating all the good things going on in your life is a lot more satisfying than dwelling on possible problems.  “Worrying” about some unwanted situation will never make it go away; it will only make it worse.  For a really happy life you must diligently cast your worries aside and consistently seek out things you appreciate and are thankful for.  As Joseph Campbell stated, “follow your bliss” – that will always keep you on the path to where you want to go.

So, all you really need is LOVE.  With love and appreciation as your dominant emotions, everything will always work out wonderfully well for you and even if it takes a while, you will enjoy the journey.  We will end with another Beatles’ song lyric, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”


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