Magic Words:  Rasa Hum (I am one with all life energy) 

Judge not least ye be judged.  This is one of many often quoted lines from the bible which is one of the first and best personal growth books ever written.  Like a lot of self help books it can be difficult to understand sometimes because so much of the teaching is done through parables and metaphor that were meant to assure lasting value in a dynamic and ever changing world.  Also of course it has been translated and re-written numerous times injecting opinions that could easily stray from the original intent.  None the less, “judge not” is a very clear statement that is likely true to the original intent.

What it the lesson here?  JUDGE NOT.  Since it is followed up by “least ye be judged” it seems to mainly be concerned with judging others but it is important to just stay with “judge not”.  Since judging is about finding fault generally, finding fault with yourself or feeling you are “unworthy” for all the good life has to offer is an important part of what you are being warned against in “judge not”.

You ARE WORTHY of every wonderful thing life has to offer.  Accept that as truth and you will have learned a most important success secret.  Not only are you worthy, you are one with all life energy and power.  You are perfect in everyway already.  You are a continuously evolving creative being learning how to bring your hopes and dreams into reality.  The only thing that will hold you back is self doubt – self judgement.  You deserve everything that you want – just allow yourself to believe it.


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