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The PositiVibes Network spotlights individuals and organizations helping to create a better world for everyone.  The intent is to build awareness and funding for these positive efforts.  The PositiVibes Network encourages everyone to help support the efforts presented and recommend other efforts to envision new and improved futures for the planet.

As individuals we can benefit our own lives and impact everyone around us by focusing on and thus energizing the good things going on all around us.  Many people spend their lives complaining about everything they see as wrong on this planet.  Sadly the result of their dissatisfaction does nothing to positively change the situation.  The solution lies in focusing on envisioning improved realities and being willing to believe in humanity’s ability to positively transform the world.  Fortunately, for all the doom and gloom fans, there are plenty of people involved in efforts to improve the quality of life.  The PositiVibes Network has been formed to promote empowering hopeful visions and to generate support to increase the success of those efforts.

A handful of worthy ventures are highlighted for the launch of the network.  Each of these organizations is focused on transforming the future reality of those it has set out to assist.  As Gateway Community Outreach says, it offers a “hand up, not a handout”.  This is the key.  Each of these organizations have a central focus on giving people the ability to write new and improved stories for their lives, not just survive a bad story.  This is the primary intent of The PositiVibes Network – to teach people how to take control of their lives and find a path to filling their lives with fun and love rather than a sense of desperation.  Each of these organizations offer the gift of hope for a positively transformed future and that is the key to achieving it.

ScentsAbility ( has provided an occupation perfect for a group of wonderful people with learning and developmental disabilities.  Their program to produce and market scented candles has provided “real” jobs that not only help to support their workers financially, but also provide a sense of pride, accomplishment and camaraderie each and every day.  You can help by making financial contributions to help them expand their program or you might want to work with them to set up your own program modeled after what they have done.

Gateway Community Outreach ( offers another example for positively transforming the future.  Gateway’s goal is to step in and help families and individuals get back on their feet to the state of self-sufficiency. One of the unique features of their services is a 90-Day Treatment Plan.  Gateway assists more than 9,700 families and individuals a year. It has made a difference in the lives of more than 80,000 families since its inception in 1995.  Again, the key is providing a path to a new and improved future not only through financial help but through counseling and education and thus helping design a new life story filled with hope and optimism.

Yet another example offered by The PositiVibes Network is top chef and “Texas King of BBQ” Eddie Deen ( who for years has cooked up great food for Presidents as well as tens of thousands of people dislocated from their normal lives by severe weather.  But much more than being a top chef, Eddie Deen has made positive inspiration for kids a primary focus for his life.   He has taught his ‘Internal Freedom’ course at the Martin Luther King Community Court, Paul Quinn College, the International Street Church, Dallas Police Department, and DISD.  “We have to have leaders that grasp the understanding of the inner being and how the brain, eyes, ears, etc are tools that the consciousness uses to interpret the world.  I believe that people’s beliefs are the causes of human failures, human depression, and human well being. You are what you believe to be true.” says Eddie.  That idea is the central concept at the heart of what the PositiVibes Network seeks to promote.

The future of the planet is ours to create.  Some will focus on all the things that are wrong with the world but others are determined to envision and to teach others how to create a better world.  The PositiVibes Network mission is to empower new and improved visions for our future.  Where there is hope and a positive path to follow, a brighter future for everyone is inevitable.  You are encouraged to give your support to positive, life transforming efforts wherever you find them.  Let us know your stories about positive life transforming ideas and programs at

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