#1 Key to Success

There are a lot of things… lists of things that will help make you successful.  But there is ONE most important thing if your personal happiness is the true measure of your success.  That one most important thing is to keep your focus full time on APPRECIATION.

If you constantly are seeking out people, places, events and accomplishments to be thankful for you will fill your life with ever more success.

Don’t pass this information off as simplistic or overstated.  And don’t think “it couldn’t be that easy” because there is nothing easy about it.  To never focus any of your energy on the things you are not happy about in your life takes a lot of practice and discipline.  Try just tuning out that voice in your head that that will come up with an endless list of reasons why you shouldn’t be happy – right now at least.  How can you be happy when there are more bills than money in your bank account?  How can you be happy when the doctor just told you that you only have a few months to live?  How can you be happy when you just crashed your new car?  The dog ate your favorite slippers.

Well, there you go.  If you don’t intentionally keep it in check your imagination is probably going to come up with dozens of things you are not thankful for.  Maybe even scary or angry things grab your attention.

All of that is why, even though you know the #1 strategy for consistent and ever expanding success and happiness, you are not getting it.  Thinking ONLY about stuff that you are THANKFUL for takes a lot of effort and practice and determination.

But it is worth it.  Luckily even if you fail to stay in that frame of mind 100% of the time, as long as you keep finding your way back to feeling good and thankful every time you realize you have fallen off the wagon, it will get easier.  The more time you spend being thankful the better things will get and the momentum will get stronger toward fun, happiness and so much success you will wonder why everyone doesn’t realize how simple it is.

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