Do you know who you really are?

You are at the entrance to a path toward an alternate approach to what is real. 

That may sound like a strange concept since whatever is real is real, right?

The REALITY is that there are as many “realities” as there are conscious beings.  All of existence consists of vibration transformed into form by thought energy.  Reality is the construct of perception and belief and everything is “formed” in the imagination/mind of the beholder.  For most things, the reality we behold is shared.  This is important if we are to be able to interact well with each other.  However, TOTAL agreement between each of our personal stories is not desirable. We are each dynamic contributors to the shaping of the world and the diversity is crucial for growth in an ever expanding Universe.

From the moment we are born, we begin getting instruction and advice about how life works.  Most of us quickly forget that we have complete control over our personal reality and begin to believe “the way” is get good at handling whatever life throws at us.  If you don’t believe you can control reality, it becomes very important to try and control the consensus of opinion that defines the generally perceived reality.  Great pressure is exerted on you and everyone else to go along with one viewpoint of another.  The tension and unrest in the world comes when people will not tolerate a belief about “reality” that has a differing viewpoint.

The great news is that there is no requirement to play along with any of those points of view.  You can simply ignore any idea you do not like or feel “good” about.  You have the absolute ability to write your own story regardless of what appears to be reality to someone else.  You don’t need to get anyone else to agree with you either.  In fact, that is a big waste of energy since they must learn the truth for themselves.

What you can learn to do may seem to “defy” reality to many people.  They will think you just have some kind of “magic” touch.  Eventually they will discover that those same powers can be theirs.  It is all just a matter of what you believe.  Belief is totally responsible for determining reality at all times because belief determines how you are manipulating and interacting with energy and vibration.

Taking this path does not make you a better person – it just gives you more options.  Instead of living by what is out “there” you realize it is all in your imagination.  You develop the skill to intentionally shape the world to your desires as each day falls into line with the storyline you have devised.

But you may not be ready for all of this.  (There is no rush as long as you are enjoying your life most of the time.)

Here’s a test to find out what you should do:  send out this request from your mind, “If exploring this particular way of thinking will really help me have a more satisfying and enjoyable life and I am ready for it, give me a very clear “sign” in the next 48 hours.”

That “sign” could come in many forms but if you are paying attention and looking for it, you will recognize it and you will KNOW that you have your answer.

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