This is the story behind the PositiVibes Network Guidebook (NO MORE WORRIES) – a book for people who want to have more fun in life.

ladybug-home2-copyThere are a great many books and other resources offering the recipe for happiness, success and prosperity.  Many claim to give you the secret to living the life you want.  Most provide valuable insights but all too often they claim to offer a formula that they claim will easily deliver everything that you want.  While it is true that the concepts you need to know are simple, living them takes discipline and determination.

 This book will provide you with processes and insights that will guide you along a path of reinventing yourself and making your life a more wonderful adventure with each passing day.  Your greatest satisfaction will come with the realization that as you develop your personal power you radiate an energy for positive transformation into the lives of everyone around you.  By creating a more wonderful story for yourself, you benefit the whole world.

  It may not be easy but the life you are meant to live is filled with joy and love and lots of fun.  That is really why you got into this – you came into this life to learn and grow, yes, but your really did it for the adventure.  If you follow the guidelines in this book, you can be certain of finding and having more of everything that will make you happy.


All of Creation appreciates and thanks you for the part you are playing in this adventure.

You are the Designer of Reality (and it would be really nice if you would please do something about the state of the world!)


Quantum Mechanics provides the theory behind the emerging view of the nature of creation and the physical Universe.  We are moving toward the growing realization that our thoughts are responsible for everything.  The key part of this equation is that the “thought” precedes the “thing”.

It has long been commonly accepted that new innovations start first as an “idea” in someone’s mind.  Someone has a “vision” of a new way of doing things like Steve Jobs creating a new way to listen to music and communicate or Walt Disney envisioning a magical city springing up from a vast stretch of undeveloped land in Florida.  That idea is then developed with the help of other people lending their vision, creativity and belief to the project.  As the ideas take shape, something totally new is created.  Again, the point is that the idea precedes the reality.  Even though we have countless examples of this process in action, most people still live their lives from a “have to see it to believe it” perspective.  They simply react to appearances and accept it as “reality”.

Would anyone but a very visionary thinker or maybe a science fiction writer have believed we could travel safely in a land vehicle at over 200 miles an hour racing against 40 similar vehicles or travel to the moon and back in a space ship if we went back in time two or three hundred years?  Impossible is the word that would likely be heard.  Would it have been conceivable that virtually every human on the planet could share information and be connected to each other by an invisible and wireless communications network?  The fact is that we are making that a physical reality now.  An interesting element about this is the fact that we are in this case creating a physical companion to the far more intricate and limitless connectivity that has always existed.

Quantum Mechanics has evolved to this awareness with the Unified Field Theory.  Quantum Physicist John Hagelin has extensively documented the links between pure intelligence and individual consciousness:  Progress in theoretical physics during the past decade has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories based on the superstring. These theories identify a single universal, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the universe.  For a complete discourse on these emerging ideas, you can watch one of John Hagelin’s lectures at

The place that all of this takes us is that “positive thinking” is more than a popular remedy for a bad day.  The positive thoughts (with enough “belief” energy behind them) will actually “create” a reality that matches those thoughts.  The only thing that will prevent that desired reality from manifesting in physical time and space is if there is a lack of faith in the ability to create the desired reality.  Since thoughts are responsible for creating everything, whatever you want and can believe in you can have.  The big challenge is that it is difficult to really believe whole heartedly in something that few others do.  We are living – actually swimming in that unified field constantly exposed to infinitely diverse ideas and beliefs about the world.  This is why it is so urgent that you learn to take control of your thinking.

This brings us to the big picture.  There is power in numbers.  Studies have conclusively proven that if you get as little as ten to fifteen percent of the people in an area meditating and sending out “PositiVibes” there will be statistically relevant reductions in crime, tension, anxiety and so forth amongst the entire community.  Positive expectations unleashed on a community will alter its nature to the degree of the energy intensity focused on the area.  The corollary to this is that if negative expectations are dominant in a community, they will also be self-fulfilling prophesies.  For this reason, the “news media” can be seen as the most destructive force in society today.  By promoting all the “bad” news they can uncover, the news media plays a major role in creating the “belief” in the dominance of all of the unpleasant things in the world.  Our accepting that view of reality will directly help maintain the undesirable status quo.

The world we see around us is the RESULT of what we believe it to be.  Change the beliefs of the masses and transform the world.  Terrorism and crime would disappear from the world if enough people refused to pay any attention and shunned all fear and dread.  That is a leap of faith that has not achieved enough momentum to tip the balance yet but it is where we are headed as individuals begin to take responsibility for their own thoughts.

This is the mission of The PositiVibes Network.  Our intent is to spread the awareness that one’s beliefs create their reality and as they gain in their ability to be in charge of their thoughts there will be dramatic changes in how they experience the world.  Since there is strength in numbers, as more people share in this worldview everyone will share in the benefits.  As more people are impacted by the new view of reality, it will gradually become a dominant reality and the world will be transformed.  It does come back to each of us though.  We urgently encourage you to become part of a “PositiVibes” network of people sharing the intent to see the world in new and improved ways.  We must create and strive to live the vision of that transformed world and “will” it into being in our own life.  Like a pebble thrown into a pond sends ripples out across the pond, you will be the change and the birth of a new and improved human race.

By John Brodie on behalf of The PositiVibes Network, Inc. and the Designer of Reality™ Project.    (