Parameters of Reality

Dor04The key discipline necessary to accomplish what you want in the game is to maintain a happy and appreciative attitude – to try and stay totally focused on things that make you feel good.   If you are not having fun, you need to change direction.  If you feel good about the objectives you have but find you are getting anxious about your ability to reach those objectives, the problem is with your attitude.  This is where most people find themselves.  Learning to maintain a positive attitude is the primary skill you must develop. You need to nurture an “positive expectant” attitude.  You will get whatever you expect unless the Universe has something even better in mind for you.  With a positive expectant attitude everything will tend to fall into place.

The problem comes because part of you (that basic operating system ego you) can only accept as real what it can see, hear, feel or touch.  The biggest challenge to transforming reality is the tendency to let that “auto-pilot” ego keep you in the past or predicting an unwanted future.  The evaluation of what is real your bio-computer brain has come up with is based on shared cultural and social beliefs along with your past experiences.  The trouble is, the logic being used by the basic operating system of your bio-computer brain (sub-conscious – which is the residence of your ego) is simply reactionary – it is only your conscious mind that has creative power.  If things aren’t looking good, your ego self assumes they are just going to get worse and it must prepare for that even worse situation because survival is its prime function.

Unless we make an effort, that basic operating system part of our brain that is focused on survival runs the show.  Your conscious mind may say wait a minute I have this great idea but your ego will quickly tell you that these ideas are stupid and foolish – that it is never going to work – even if the concept is good, realistically how do you imagine you are going to accomplish this?  There will probably be plenty of other people around who (coming from the same lower consciousness) will be quick to agree – they may even say, “Who do you think you are?  Somebody special?  Get Real!”  You and they can believe in whatever “reality” they want of course.  I don’t want to try to make the naysayers out as bad people, they just have yet to realize the truth.  They will almost certainly think they are looking out for your best interest if they really care about you.  Most people go through life believing that reality is a fixed thing separate from any control or interpretation.  It is REAL and thus there is only one right way to deal with it?  We know though that Reality is fluid and can be manipulated – it is an expression of belief.  Anything you really believe to be true is true – for you, even if not for masses of other people.  Their shared belief will make it harder for you to totally accept YOUR belief and the reality you have in mind – particularly if it is dramatically different than the prevailing beliefs you are surrounded by.  Your sub-conscious mind is very easily affected.  This is why it is crucial that you develop the skill to guide the direction of your thinking.

positiVibes-icon2 copyKnowing that you can CHOOSE a reality to believe in is a vital knowing.  If you are stuck in a place believing that reality is fixed, that you just have to live with the scenery on the stage, then you are not going to be able to break free from the world of appearances.  The reality of day to day life has little more REALITY than the reality in a movie or TV show.  It has been dreamed up and brought into a physical form by imagination.  You can go along with the consensus of the masses and basically have a supporting role in someone else’s game or you can make the decision to take charge of the storyline.  The big objection you are going to run into will be friends and family telling you that you are “living in denial” … “you are not dealing with reality”.  The fact is that you don’t want to deal with their reality.  The best way you can help them is by demonstrating your ability to direct your own “reality”.  Sadly, many people think that hoping for anything much different than the apparent course of your life is delusional or maybe even crazy.  Don’t worry; it is them who are missing the opportunity life offers, not you.  They just find it much easier to believe they are a victim of happenstance and have little control or responsibility for what happens in their life.  It is not near as satisfying or as much fun but it is certainly easier to believe that life just happens to you.

If you are willing to accept that you are in control and develop the skill to direct your thinking, life will become a magical adventure.  The only downside is that you will no longer be able to blame anyone or anything for any of your challenges.  That is a BIG step for many people but it can be done with a determination to focus on where you want to go instead of the place you are and what may appear to be the destination you are headed toward.

Back to the adventure in Creation we are all sharing at this moment.  The moment to moment realities we are perceiving is the manifestation of the combined consciousness of the participants currently and previously active in this game of life.  The storyline can make dramatic shifts from one generation to another as new belief patterns emerge.  Your level of personal energy and belief determines how much power you have to influence and make changes in the unfolding scenario.  Through history, certain individuals have been able to affect considerable changes by influencing large group perceptions about Reality.  All of us have an effect though.  We are each important and equal parts (in terms of potential) within the whole.  For most of us our default objective is to help advance the life experience through our personal experiences as we empower peace, love and joy through the physical realities we help create.

Our level of knowledge and belief is what determines how big our impact is.  There is no judgment – the sport, the adventure, ultimately the fun is in learning how to be an influential player in this adventure game – not coming in as an expert and making dramatic changes – that does not score you more points or mean that you will have more fun playing.  In fact, when you come in at a very high level and start making big shifts in perception it may turn out badly if too many of the other players become unnerved and fearful about moving to a reality they are not ready to believe in.  Jesus was not crucified because his ideas were wrong – a lot of people just were not ready for his viewpoint.  There are sure to be individuals who will think that many of the conclusions we are reaching here are faulty or maybe even harmful (it’s just their ego’s self importance denying any possibility that this is a just a game for fun).  That’s their problem – how can you possibly be on the wrong track when you are just trying to figure out how to have more fun and make this life we are all living more of a creative celebration for everyone.

That’s our true potential.  That’s what we came here for.  We came here to have fun building a magical world as an artistic manifestation of pure energy – a place for the non-physical to have a physical Creation experience for fun and adventure.  Being part of Source, your Soul Self is bliss – everything is great in Heaven but there is not much entertainment or growth without the physical world to interact with.  You could spend a lifetime sleeping or meditating and it might be very pleasant – certainly not unpleasant.  But, can you imagine an eternity with nothing to do?  This is all putting it in human terms of course but, bliss without expression is lacking.  God wanted something to do.  Creating Universes of infinite size with unlimited possibility and diversity was the idea.  A time space reality of ever more complex forms of physical stuff vibrating at the frequencies needed to give the appearance of substance.  It took a while but eventually complexity of form reached a point where the game could be taken to a new level.  Bits of consciousness were turned lose to actually create on their own in an adventure world of their own design.  This is where the fun really began – no longer was everything a sure thing.  Maybe God didn’t really know what these little pieces of God stuff would do on their own and was just excited to find out what we would create.  We are just beginning to know our REAL abilities.


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