Wake Up!

Shanti HumIf you listen to your small self ego, the message your consciousness will get is “everything is not alright, I don’t have what I want and I don’t have any confidence that what I want is ever going to be my reality and I maybe don’t necessarily think I deserve it”.  Your ego can only see what is and was – worse, it tends to be pessimistic about anything changing for the better – remember it is just trying to protect you.  Your ego wants to protect you from the disappointment of not getting what you “foolishly” expected you were going to get or doing anything “crazy” because you were overly optimistic or simply living in denial.  If it is a money issue which is probably the most common issue, ego will constantly be reminding you that you don’t have enough to pay this or that bill and will generate all kinds of fear and anxiety about how badly things are going to go – a picture of the future exactly the opposite of what you actually want.  The challenge is that if these are the thought images you are sending out to the Source Genie in the bottle of yours then these images/beliefs are the pictures of the future you are requesting with your powerful creative ability.

There has been an increasing awareness of and discussion about The Law of Attraction in recent years.  This is because as the level of consciousness evolves in greater numbers of people, it has become more common knowledge that you really do have this creative power – that you are not simply some kind of victim stuck with reacting to whatever an indifferent and possibly pointless Universe happens to make your reality.  It is not a new concept.  As previously alluded to, all of the “Spiritual” teachers have attempted to “awaken” people to their actual abilities and demonstrate the process through their lives.  Jesus’ talk about the smallest amount of certain faith being able to move mountains was one of the most definite statements of the principle.   His “miracles” were just demonstrations of the principle and were not intended to make the claim that he was special or that these abilities were unique to him.  He was clear that everything he did others could do and more with “faith”.

John 14:12, (KJV)  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Jesus was telling us that if we could believe like him and put our hopes/dreams/prayers in the hands of the Father (Source) with assured faith, we also could do things that would appear to be miracles.  This is the heart of our creative power.  We have the ability to create an image of something that does not yet exist.  The greater our ability to hold that image in mind and beam it out to the Universe as a Reality, the greater our ability to actually manifest that image in three dimensional and/or experiential form.  Jesus was quite clear that it just came down to what we chose to believe.

So we are back to the ego as the naysayer who keeps undermining your wants and desires with doubt and fear.  What can we do about this?

What we have to do is “tune-out” the ego voice – you can’t shut the program down because ego is part of the basic operating system of your bio-computer.  There are a number of ways to override the ego program though.  In fact, all of the Spiritual/Personal Development programs ever created have had this as an objective of their process if not the central objective.  You simply cannot change anything without learning to move beyond the ego message that by its nature is only about what has been or appears to have been.  The ego has NO CREATIVITY!  Ego only predicts the future based on current and past circumstances so if you listen to the “ego you”, you will only get more of what you already have.  There are lots of ways to override the ego program and again, the teachings of all Spiritual and most supposedly non-Spiritual personal development programs have this as a focus.

As we have discussed, meditation is one widely accepted method to quiet the ego chatter for short periods of time which can be enough to break ego’s hold on your Conscious mind and allow you to get the message/requests you want out to the Source Universe (that Cosmic Network that your bio-computer is connected to).  It is interesting that recently a program for personal development has sprung into existence based on “hacking” the mind – this concept ties in nicely with our model.  The other approach to dealing with the ego self besides working to tune it out is to try and reprogram it.  Both methods are useful and complement each other nicely.  We’ll go through some ideas about each to help the Conscious You get beyond the egos past history view of your life adventure.

One additional point should be made here because unfortunately, your ego self has lots of allies in the ego selves of most of your friends and relatives.  It is going to use everything at its disposal to defend its position like the excellent counselor it believes itself to be.  If you are like most people and not living off in a remote place away from many other people or a facility devoted to Spiritual advancement, your ego can find plenty of other ego selves to back up its position.  With all those other egos going around in control of these people, pessimism and negativity are rampant.  Our worldwide communications networks give them a very commanding platform.  All the egos are going around acknowledging everything and everyone that lets them think their world view is the correct one.  “I mean, look around you!  This is the real world.  Turn on the news – just in case you had any doubts about what a problem filled, even “evil” world we live in. Murders, car accidents, financial catastrophes and natural disasters!  It’s a nightmare out there and who knows if you are even going to be able to get through the day, let alone get anything you want out of life”.

You have heard the saying “no news is good news”.  That’s because the only news the collective ego mind thinks is important is bad news.  Why?  Because bad news reinforces its own viewpoint that life is dangerous and difficult.  Your ego takes comfort from the fact that everyone else is in the same rotten boat struggling to get by.  It reinforces its belief that it can’t ever be held responsible for bad things happening to you.  Ego finds it much easier to believe you are just a victim.  This is why you must let your “conscious mind” take the helm – be conscious of what is going on.

There is not a lot “new” in what we are discussing here.  The way it is being presented is different with the intent of providing a model that will have the most use for you.  All of the underlying concepts presented here are well established and the more people who become familiar with them and begin to accept them as a true picture of how REALITY is actually shaped, the easier it becomes to put them into practice.  This is why going to functions where there are a group of like-minded people can have great value – it validates a belief in how things work.

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