Learning the Art of Intentional Creation

The PositiVibes Guidebook

You are living in a magical world where anything you can imagine is possible.   The intention of this guidebook is to make you realize that your thoughts, words and emotions are responsible for all aspects of your life.  You are here to be happy and have fun. That can be your everyday reality with a little practice and determination. 

People often ask, “How can I be happy and have fun every day?  How can I get all the things I want from my life?”

The answer is the awareness of your ability and some practice.  It’s a decision about how to perceive the world you live in.  It’s about learning to keep your focus consistently on things you appreciate and want more of.  It’s about imagining a wonderful adventure for your life filled with love and joy and believing it into being.  It’s about letting all your fears and judgments go.

You may not have accepted it yet but you are a powerful Creator capable of doing what might seem to others to be impossible.  You are not better than anyone else – everyone has the same potential – they just have not realized it.  It’s very simple really.  The words you speak and the thoughts you think are conjuring into existence the world you find yourself experiencing.  You just need to learn how to create what you want.


DESIRE is your Creative Compass…

BUT, staying on the path takes discipline and determination.

Your work is to BELIEVE in the REALITY of what you desire.

positiVibes-icon2 copy

We are taught from early on to be “reactors” to life.  In other words, life “happens to us” and we do our best to deal with reality as it unfolds.  The only thing we get to “choose” is our reaction to what may even seem to be totally random events.  There are rules to the game but there are way too many moving parts to totally control things even if you amass great power and wealth.  And, of course, most people have nowhere near the amount of power of wealth to have any real control over what goes on in the world within our generally accepted view of reality.  There are limited supplies of everything and not everyone can have everything they want.  Life is not fair and only the strong survive.


“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 (Bible)

Do you believe you can get everything you want in your life?

A change of mind is required.

The change in perspective that is required is that rather than just trying to do your best to react to an uncertain reality you realize that reality reacts to and is shaped by you.  100% of the time.  The belief that you have no real control over life’s circumstances is false and when you simply “react” to the circumstances of your life you create a feedback loop that will just bring you more of the same, for better or worse.

As human evolution transitions from a predominance of “physical” evolution to the evolution of “consciousness” more and more people are beginning to be aware of this shift in perspective.  The “truth” we want you to accept is that you live in a world where you have the CREATIVE POWER to control what will happen to you and that you can design any reality you want for your life experience.

Anyone can do it but it takes:

  1. An awareness of the concepts
  2. Consistency in your approach to living your life
  3. A realization that whatever you believe will become your reality

A FOUNDATION TRUTH:  The choice is always yours.

Positive Vibrations and intentions will create the world of your dreams.

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