The Hardest Part Is Getting Past Now.


Now is all you have to work with. If you could be finished with all of your past and be totally confident in your ability to decide what your future was going to be it would be no problem. The reason getting past now can be so tough is that you invested a lot of time in creating a very elaborate interactive character that goes by the name of (your name here). If you are like most people you find it difficult to accept that you are under no obligation to give anything that has happened up until this moment any importance in determining your future now’s. The problem is that you think your past has to matter. It doesn’t. Like everything you do right now, it is a choice you are making now.

All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players.  You are that actor and each day you should be working at improving the character you are playing. You may say that is what you are doing. That is probably true but you are very likely missing one key part of the equation. You are probably carrying around a lot of baggage thinking what has happened in your past now’s matters. In “reality” none of the past has any more importance than what you choose to give it. Everything except right NOW is in your imagination and has no reality other than what you choose to give it. It is whatever you have decided to believe it is and nothing more. That gets back to why getting past “now” can be so difficult – most of us place a great deal of importance on what has happened in our past and allow it to define much of what we see as “now”.

Forget your past. There is nothing to regret or feel guilty about. A good athlete spends no time feeling guilty about a missed catch – they just get focused on being ready for the next opportunity to make a great catch. Place no importance on a “mis-take” – just get focused on making your now go the way you want it to.

An even bigger realization is that like the actor in a play, if you want to, you can decide to play and entirely new character having very little to do with the part you were playing in those past nows.  A little amnesia could be helpful – we would then be trying to figure out what was going on rather than dealing with all of the things we had forgotten about.  We often get so invested in the role we have created for ourselves that we take ourselves way to seriously. You may think that everything you do in your life matters. It does but no more than the part an actor plays in a play. It is all supposed to be for fun and adventure – an intricate interactive game. Don’t let the world you have invented in your mind limit you in any way. You need to remember that you have no limits on you except what you choose to believe in.  You are totally in control of all your now moments. You are fully capable of changing, defining and doing whatever you want with your character. Don’t let your past trap you in a now that you are not happy with.

Imagineer yourself to a wonder-filled future of nows! 


Wake Up!

Shanti HumIf you listen to your small self ego, the message your consciousness will get is “everything is not alright, I don’t have what I want and I don’t have any confidence that what I want is ever going to be my reality and I maybe don’t necessarily think I deserve it”.  Your ego can only see what is and was – worse, it tends to be pessimistic about anything changing for the better – remember it is just trying to protect you.  Your ego wants to protect you from the disappointment of not getting what you “foolishly” expected you were going to get or doing anything “crazy” because you were overly optimistic or simply living in denial.  If it is a money issue which is probably the most common issue, ego will constantly be reminding you that you don’t have enough to pay this or that bill and will generate all kinds of fear and anxiety about how badly things are going to go – a picture of the future exactly the opposite of what you actually want.  The challenge is that if these are the thought images you are sending out to the Source Genie in the bottle of yours then these images/beliefs are the pictures of the future you are requesting with your powerful creative ability.

There has been an increasing awareness of and discussion about The Law of Attraction in recent years.  This is because as the level of consciousness evolves in greater numbers of people, it has become more common knowledge that you really do have this creative power – that you are not simply some kind of victim stuck with reacting to whatever an indifferent and possibly pointless Universe happens to make your reality.  It is not a new concept.  As previously alluded to, all of the “Spiritual” teachers have attempted to “awaken” people to their actual abilities and demonstrate the process through their lives.  Jesus’ talk about the smallest amount of certain faith being able to move mountains was one of the most definite statements of the principle.   His “miracles” were just demonstrations of the principle and were not intended to make the claim that he was special or that these abilities were unique to him.  He was clear that everything he did others could do and more with “faith”.

John 14:12, (KJV)  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Jesus was telling us that if we could believe like him and put our hopes/dreams/prayers in the hands of the Father (Source) with assured faith, we also could do things that would appear to be miracles.  This is the heart of our creative power.  We have the ability to create an image of something that does not yet exist.  The greater our ability to hold that image in mind and beam it out to the Universe as a Reality, the greater our ability to actually manifest that image in three dimensional and/or experiential form.  Jesus was quite clear that it just came down to what we chose to believe.

So we are back to the ego as the naysayer who keeps undermining your wants and desires with doubt and fear.  What can we do about this?

What we have to do is “tune-out” the ego voice – you can’t shut the program down because ego is part of the basic operating system of your bio-computer.  There are a number of ways to override the ego program though.  In fact, all of the Spiritual/Personal Development programs ever created have had this as an objective of their process if not the central objective.  You simply cannot change anything without learning to move beyond the ego message that by its nature is only about what has been or appears to have been.  The ego has NO CREATIVITY!  Ego only predicts the future based on current and past circumstances so if you listen to the “ego you”, you will only get more of what you already have.  There are lots of ways to override the ego program and again, the teachings of all Spiritual and most supposedly non-Spiritual personal development programs have this as a focus.

As we have discussed, meditation is one widely accepted method to quiet the ego chatter for short periods of time which can be enough to break ego’s hold on your Conscious mind and allow you to get the message/requests you want out to the Source Universe (that Cosmic Network that your bio-computer is connected to).  It is interesting that recently a program for personal development has sprung into existence based on “hacking” the mind – this concept ties in nicely with our model.  The other approach to dealing with the ego self besides working to tune it out is to try and reprogram it.  Both methods are useful and complement each other nicely.  We’ll go through some ideas about each to help the Conscious You get beyond the egos past history view of your life adventure.

One additional point should be made here because unfortunately, your ego self has lots of allies in the ego selves of most of your friends and relatives.  It is going to use everything at its disposal to defend its position like the excellent counselor it believes itself to be.  If you are like most people and not living off in a remote place away from many other people or a facility devoted to Spiritual advancement, your ego can find plenty of other ego selves to back up its position.  With all those other egos going around in control of these people, pessimism and negativity are rampant.  Our worldwide communications networks give them a very commanding platform.  All the egos are going around acknowledging everything and everyone that lets them think their world view is the correct one.  “I mean, look around you!  This is the real world.  Turn on the news – just in case you had any doubts about what a problem filled, even “evil” world we live in. Murders, car accidents, financial catastrophes and natural disasters!  It’s a nightmare out there and who knows if you are even going to be able to get through the day, let alone get anything you want out of life”.

You have heard the saying “no news is good news”.  That’s because the only news the collective ego mind thinks is important is bad news.  Why?  Because bad news reinforces its own viewpoint that life is dangerous and difficult.  Your ego takes comfort from the fact that everyone else is in the same rotten boat struggling to get by.  It reinforces its belief that it can’t ever be held responsible for bad things happening to you.  Ego finds it much easier to believe you are just a victim.  This is why you must let your “conscious mind” take the helm – be conscious of what is going on.

There is not a lot “new” in what we are discussing here.  The way it is being presented is different with the intent of providing a model that will have the most use for you.  All of the underlying concepts presented here are well established and the more people who become familiar with them and begin to accept them as a true picture of how REALITY is actually shaped, the easier it becomes to put them into practice.  This is why going to functions where there are a group of like-minded people can have great value – it validates a belief in how things work.

Parameters of Reality

Dor04The key discipline necessary to accomplish what you want in the game is to maintain a happy and appreciative attitude – to try and stay totally focused on things that make you feel good.   If you are not having fun, you need to change direction.  If you feel good about the objectives you have but find you are getting anxious about your ability to reach those objectives, the problem is with your attitude.  This is where most people find themselves.  Learning to maintain a positive attitude is the primary skill you must develop. You need to nurture an “positive expectant” attitude.  You will get whatever you expect unless the Universe has something even better in mind for you.  With a positive expectant attitude everything will tend to fall into place.

The problem comes because part of you (that basic operating system ego you) can only accept as real what it can see, hear, feel or touch.  The biggest challenge to transforming reality is the tendency to let that “auto-pilot” ego keep you in the past or predicting an unwanted future.  The evaluation of what is real your bio-computer brain has come up with is based on shared cultural and social beliefs along with your past experiences.  The trouble is, the logic being used by the basic operating system of your bio-computer brain (sub-conscious – which is the residence of your ego) is simply reactionary – it is only your conscious mind that has creative power.  If things aren’t looking good, your ego self assumes they are just going to get worse and it must prepare for that even worse situation because survival is its prime function.

Unless we make an effort, that basic operating system part of our brain that is focused on survival runs the show.  Your conscious mind may say wait a minute I have this great idea but your ego will quickly tell you that these ideas are stupid and foolish – that it is never going to work – even if the concept is good, realistically how do you imagine you are going to accomplish this?  There will probably be plenty of other people around who (coming from the same lower consciousness) will be quick to agree – they may even say, “Who do you think you are?  Somebody special?  Get Real!”  You and they can believe in whatever “reality” they want of course.  I don’t want to try to make the naysayers out as bad people, they just have yet to realize the truth.  They will almost certainly think they are looking out for your best interest if they really care about you.  Most people go through life believing that reality is a fixed thing separate from any control or interpretation.  It is REAL and thus there is only one right way to deal with it?  We know though that Reality is fluid and can be manipulated – it is an expression of belief.  Anything you really believe to be true is true – for you, even if not for masses of other people.  Their shared belief will make it harder for you to totally accept YOUR belief and the reality you have in mind – particularly if it is dramatically different than the prevailing beliefs you are surrounded by.  Your sub-conscious mind is very easily affected.  This is why it is crucial that you develop the skill to guide the direction of your thinking.

positiVibes-icon2 copyKnowing that you can CHOOSE a reality to believe in is a vital knowing.  If you are stuck in a place believing that reality is fixed, that you just have to live with the scenery on the stage, then you are not going to be able to break free from the world of appearances.  The reality of day to day life has little more REALITY than the reality in a movie or TV show.  It has been dreamed up and brought into a physical form by imagination.  You can go along with the consensus of the masses and basically have a supporting role in someone else’s game or you can make the decision to take charge of the storyline.  The big objection you are going to run into will be friends and family telling you that you are “living in denial” … “you are not dealing with reality”.  The fact is that you don’t want to deal with their reality.  The best way you can help them is by demonstrating your ability to direct your own “reality”.  Sadly, many people think that hoping for anything much different than the apparent course of your life is delusional or maybe even crazy.  Don’t worry; it is them who are missing the opportunity life offers, not you.  They just find it much easier to believe they are a victim of happenstance and have little control or responsibility for what happens in their life.  It is not near as satisfying or as much fun but it is certainly easier to believe that life just happens to you.

If you are willing to accept that you are in control and develop the skill to direct your thinking, life will become a magical adventure.  The only downside is that you will no longer be able to blame anyone or anything for any of your challenges.  That is a BIG step for many people but it can be done with a determination to focus on where you want to go instead of the place you are and what may appear to be the destination you are headed toward.

Back to the adventure in Creation we are all sharing at this moment.  The moment to moment realities we are perceiving is the manifestation of the combined consciousness of the participants currently and previously active in this game of life.  The storyline can make dramatic shifts from one generation to another as new belief patterns emerge.  Your level of personal energy and belief determines how much power you have to influence and make changes in the unfolding scenario.  Through history, certain individuals have been able to affect considerable changes by influencing large group perceptions about Reality.  All of us have an effect though.  We are each important and equal parts (in terms of potential) within the whole.  For most of us our default objective is to help advance the life experience through our personal experiences as we empower peace, love and joy through the physical realities we help create.

Our level of knowledge and belief is what determines how big our impact is.  There is no judgment – the sport, the adventure, ultimately the fun is in learning how to be an influential player in this adventure game – not coming in as an expert and making dramatic changes – that does not score you more points or mean that you will have more fun playing.  In fact, when you come in at a very high level and start making big shifts in perception it may turn out badly if too many of the other players become unnerved and fearful about moving to a reality they are not ready to believe in.  Jesus was not crucified because his ideas were wrong – a lot of people just were not ready for his viewpoint.  There are sure to be individuals who will think that many of the conclusions we are reaching here are faulty or maybe even harmful (it’s just their ego’s self importance denying any possibility that this is a just a game for fun).  That’s their problem – how can you possibly be on the wrong track when you are just trying to figure out how to have more fun and make this life we are all living more of a creative celebration for everyone.

That’s our true potential.  That’s what we came here for.  We came here to have fun building a magical world as an artistic manifestation of pure energy – a place for the non-physical to have a physical Creation experience for fun and adventure.  Being part of Source, your Soul Self is bliss – everything is great in Heaven but there is not much entertainment or growth without the physical world to interact with.  You could spend a lifetime sleeping or meditating and it might be very pleasant – certainly not unpleasant.  But, can you imagine an eternity with nothing to do?  This is all putting it in human terms of course but, bliss without expression is lacking.  God wanted something to do.  Creating Universes of infinite size with unlimited possibility and diversity was the idea.  A time space reality of ever more complex forms of physical stuff vibrating at the frequencies needed to give the appearance of substance.  It took a while but eventually complexity of form reached a point where the game could be taken to a new level.  Bits of consciousness were turned lose to actually create on their own in an adventure world of their own design.  This is where the fun really began – no longer was everything a sure thing.  Maybe God didn’t really know what these little pieces of God stuff would do on their own and was just excited to find out what we would create.  We are just beginning to know our REAL abilities.


These Guys Should Leave Town

This goes for everything in life – personal, business and social. We make a mistake when we focus attention on things and circumstances we don’t want. Recent events have demonstrated that statues and symbols of the slave powered agrarian economy of the pre Civil War South still have the power to generate anger and fear. After all, what are they giving tribute to? This is not about changing history it is about respecting how far we have come and not energizing remnants of a more primitive culture.

As consciousness evolves across the human species there has been an ever increasing demand for self determination and the freedom to each be whoever we want to be. Celebrating flawed elements of our past, less enlightened history only provides support for those still clinging to a social order that we are evolving past. I think it would be kinder to the decedents of leaders of the southern contingent of the Civil War to forgive and forget the behavior of their ancestors. The Southern leaders of the day were traitors in a war against the duly elected government of United States of America.

The period of the Civil War was the darkest time in American history and a more important battle for freedom and the principals this country was founded on than our revolution against Great Britain. This is why people like Robert E. Lee should not be celebrated with statues in the parks or streets of our country. Do we really want to portray that we are “proud” of these people who were in fact traitors who opposed civil liberty and the right of their fellow man? The Confederate Flag is an even more potent symbol of a backward, cruel economic system that bought and sold people as personal property. It is difficult to see how anyone proudly flying that flag can be a supporter of the country we live in now. Like the statues it remains a symbol of tyranny and an affront to responsible social behavior.

Robert E. Lee himself opposed the idea of erecting statues celebrating the Confederacy. Why? Because he recognized that they would not benefit the country and would hold it back.

“I think it wiser not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the example of nations who endeavor to obliterate the marks of civil strife, and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered.” – Robert E. Lee

Does this mean that statues of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson should be removed as well? All that one needs to consider is what are the statues commemorating? Is it the fight for an immoral social order or the effort to build a more perfect union and a more just society celebrating the freedom and rights of the individual? The intent of a statue or monument is that it is a tribute to what it stands for. Sadly many of those most opposed to removing statues of Robert E. Lee and others actually believe that the racist, corrupt society Lee fought to maintain was something desirable or should in some way be fondly remembered. I think it is time we kick these guys out of town and relegate them to a sad chapter of American history we would all be better off forgiving and forgetting.

The Paradox of Reality

Here’s the central idea.  Reality is all in your imagination and it will be whatever you believe it is going to be.

Because we are surrounded by and have been exposed to the opinions and perceptions of lots of other people, our own imagined reality will likely be similar in most ways to everyone else.  Noted Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious.  Jung believed that members of the same species shared certain instincts and archetypes that were programmed into our bio-computer basic operating system.  These ideas then affected how we perceived the reality of the world as we added information to the data in the form of memories we would accumulate over a lifetime.  The data we accumulate in our early years combined with any basic programming we may have been born with provides the information that allows us to create a “character” who we accept as who we are.

Depending on what we were exposed to in the time since we were born uur beliefs about reality will be different from anyone else – our combination of experiences is unique and therefore our belief about what reality is will be unique.  Someone who grows up in an abundant and loving environment will have a very different set of beliefs about reality than someone who grows up in a war and misery filled place on the planet.  In either case, their bio-computer brain is simply building a belief in the world of their experience.  How they perceive reality will have a big effect on their choices and beliefs about how their future will unfold.  Since all beliefs are self-fulfilling prophesies, unless one does something to alter their beliefs, the course of their life will simply follow the same pattern unless some outside force shifts their perspective allowing them to see things in a new way.

Those who accept that the perceptions they have formed are the only way to look at the world, basically go through life like sleep walkers or what can be referred to as being on auto-pilot.  They are letting their bio-computer brain totally control their path.  As with all computers everything they believe and expect is based on past experience.  Therefore anything that their past experience and the appearances of the moment do not indicate as “possible” will not ever be a part of their reality unless at some other level of their being they change their mind.

We have been talking about what Jung referred to as “the collective unconscious”.  We would like you to consider that beyond that “self” created by the programming of your basic operating system there is a YOU that is pure consciousness with none of the perceived limitations established by your basic operating system.  We would also like you to consider that your consciousness has a direct link to what quantum physics refers to as the “Unified Field”.  To continue our computer model we have been using, your “local” consciousness has a direct connection to a unified field that we can call the “cloud”.  Like an electronic computer connected to the internet, you have access to virtually unlimited information and possibilities.  All the information you need to get anything you want is available to you as long as you have a decent connection to the Unified Field. How do you improve your connection?  You are always connected but if it is just the collective unconscious part of you all you are going to get is whatever news and information you have signed up for by default.

When a stranger asked the great spiritual teacher Buddha what made him seem so different from other people he simply said, “I am awake”.  To improve your connection to what is really a field of unlimited possibilities you must “wake up” and stop relying on your basic operating system’s auto pilot.

This is not usually an easy thing to do because we have spent years creating this character we believe ourselves to be, playing a part in a story we have imagined into being.  It is all very real, it’s just that this is only because we have decided to choose it as our reality.  Therein lies the “Paradox of Reality”.  As real as it is, it is only real because we have decided it is real.  If we choose to look at something in a new way, we will change reality.  The point is, when your conscious mind takes the helm you can plot a course to anywhere you want to go creating whatever reality you want for yourself.  The reason why people usually think of the path to this realization – which is often referred to as enlightenment – as long and difficult is because your basic operating system has been running the show for so long, it is going to tell you that all this talk about unlimited realities is pure illusion or some kind of religious delusion.  So the paradox of reality is that it is real only so long as we believe it is real and when we alter our thinking we can totally change what is real.

There’s your challenge.  How can you get on the yellow brick road to enlightenment?  I don’t want to get anyone discouraged because I am sure you have had many moments of insight and clarity.  Possibly even an experience where for a short time you had an overwhelming sense of oneness with all – combined with a profound sense of peace or joy.  Those are the moments when you have established a very direct connection with the unified field.  In attempts to label it, people have referred to this field as God or the Source or the Force.  The labels are unimportant.  The truth of the matter is that it is there and that the energy that is you is a unique and individual part of that field just as each cell in your body is a part of the physical you.  In fact, the part of you focused in and animating your physical body is really only a communication link for you with the physical world that you have helped create.

This is a very BIG and even crazy idea for your rather limited bio-computer perception of self to accept.  Most of the time your basic operating system perceives itself to be living in a rather hostile environment where its main function is to try and protect you so you stay alive and out of trouble while trying to enjoy yourself.  The fact that you can take full control over the design of your personal reality is a very foreign concept.  It is also challenging because this means that you are fully responsible for everything that happens in your life.  Whatever happens is because you have believed it into being and that is far too much responsibility for your bio-computer brain to accept since it has nothing to work with but past and current experience.  If it has not already experienced something it cannot believe in the reality of it.  It takes seeing to believing in anything.

And here we are back at the paradox of reality because in reality, you have to believe it before you will see it and yet most people are quite certain that if you can’t see it, you shouldn’t believe in it. That is how the rational mind has been programmed to work.

We had a huge burst of creativity and a shift in how people envisioned reality in the 1960’s during the 20th century.   More than ever before people began to insist on their right to determine what kind of life they lived.  From civil rights to a sexual revolution people large numbers of people began to resist being told what to do and how to act.  Mind-altering substances were a part of this transformation as they opened up new experiences of consciousness and forced many to question the predominant view of reality.  It is very clear that psychoactive substances like LSD and marijuana were part of the reason we began to have a paradigm shift in our culture.  These substances demonstrated very dramatically for many that reality was very subjective.  One minute you could perceive the world one way and moments later you could perceive things in entirely different ways.  It was like pulling back a curtain and revealing a greater truth.

If you are going to believe you can take control of shaping your own reality it is key that you realize reality is not a fixed thing separate from your perception of it.  You are in fact always shaping your personal reality.  The question is again whether you are just running on auto-pilot or are you learning to intentionally pick your experiences.

This brings us to a most important tool on your path to enlightenment.  Meditation.

In the next edition of this Designer of Reality series we will try a meditation that will help link the three levels of consciousness we have been discussing.

Sat… Chit… Ananda.  Until then, may PositiVibes fill your days and nights with fun and adventure as you open up to being all of who you are.  Listen to the podcast version at

Designer of Reality™ – An Introduction

This is the first in a series of Designer of Reality podcasts. The goal of these podcasts is to spread the awareness that each of us is creating reality as we experience it on a moment to moment basis by what we give our attention to and what we believe is going to happen.  For an explanation, listen to the podcast linked below.

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While there are certain universal laws that establish basic fundamentals, there is no one “Reality”. Reality is totally subjective and there are as many alternate realities as there are conscious beings. No single one of those perceived realities is any more real or “correct” than any other. This is because you are the creator of your own personal reality and you can have whatever reality you choose to believe in. Believing makes it so. The only thing that will prevent you from getting anything you want is your failure to believe you can or should have it.

Since what you believe is totally under your control – it really does not matter what anyone else believes – you are always deciding for yourself what you believe. There are a lot of obstacles though because in our “connected” world you are barraged virtually non-stop with the opinions of others defining reality. Most of us become hypnotized by the narrative of others as we are continually being told how we should think about the world around us. It is very easy to get to the point – particularly if there is a lot going on that we do not like – where we begin to feel hopeless and worried about life and existence on this planet. Many people feel that things are spiraling totally out of control. They believe they have little if any control over the reality of their lives. This is a very sad place to be.

If you find yourself worrying about the fate of the planet or the safety of you, your family and friends or anything else it is because you are accepting other people’s stories for your life story instead of taking responsibility for creating what you want for yourself. It’s easy to understand because you may never have even considered that you were in charge and could have anything you wanted – working on accepting that truth is the first step. For most of us that is a BIG step because we have spent years developing this character we believe ourselves to be based primarily on what we believed others expected of us. Lots of times we didn’t think others had much expectation for us at all or all they wanted to focus on was sucking us into sharing a belief in all their perceived problems.

The main reason people want to believe reality is something going on outside of themselves is because most people are not willing to accept that they are entirely responsible for everything going on in their lives. Quite possibly no one has told you that you are in total control over what happens in your life story just like choosing a particular program to watch or a movie to go see. It is not that easy but that is only because since before you were born your bio-computer brain has been programmed in survival mode. Like an electronic computer, that bio-computer brain of yours in dealing with the world around you, bases everything solely on experience. It takes all the combined experiences and data that it has accumulated and attempts to guide your thinking and choices by predicting what is going to happen based entirely on what it has experienced up to the moment. Since you are a being of unlimited creative potential this is an extremely limited perspective.

It does not want you to accept this but that bio-computer part of you is only a very small part of who you are. This is where consciousness comes into play – making you so much more than a mere biological robot of sorts. You can think for yourself and create an entirely new story for your life anytime that you want to. The big obstacle will be that bio-computer part of you that will try and convince you that you are being un-realistic or maybe even going crazy. That is because as a “basic operating system” its primary function is controlling your body systems and trying to control your choice about everything by what it believes, based on past experience, is the safest path for you to travel.  There are also some inherent problems in the fact that the other prime directive is striving for fun and happiness – there is nothing you will pursue for long if you don’t believe it is going to provide you with happiness and some personal satisfaction. Clearly maximizing your security and having the most fun possible are going to often be at odds. Therein lays the source of all worry and anxiety. They are the result of believing you are never going to get all the things that make you happy. In its attempt to protect you from the unhappiness of disappointment, that bio-computer brain of yours will encourage you to accept that there are limitations and no one can get everything they want.

It is quite possible that you, listening to his now, are thinking, “Well that’s just the way it is”. In this series and in related materials we will share with you what we hope will convince you that in REALITY you are a virtually unlimited and powerful designer of reality. You are able to draw on the unlimited creative power of the Universe to shape your world in any way you desire. Even more important, as you transform your personal reality to conform more and more to your hopes and desires you will have a positive impact on how others perceive their reality. If you have ever wondered why you exist and what the purpose of it all is, that is your answer. You are here to learn how to realize your creative potential and have fun designing the world of your dreams. By osmosis you will improve the experience of everyone else in this adventure we are sharing.

A closing note – this is not about sitting around hoping something is going to happen. If you want to be the powerful Designer of Reality that you are fully capable of becoming, it is about defining the future you want and then paying attention to everything going on around you so that you don’t miss the pieces of the puzzle you need to bring your desired reality into 3D here and now physical expression. Never forget that you are the actor on the stage moving the story-line forward. This is a story of the evolution of consciousness on a personal and planetary level and you are a very important player in the game – hopefully you will be willing to start taking control and have more of the fun and adventure you came here for.

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What Are YOU Choosing For Your Future?

If you want to change the world you really have to get more people to accept that it is possible and that it may be a good thing to do.  Next you have to help offer some ideas about how to do it because it is not necessarily an obvious.  It does not really matter what you have going on in your life whether CEO or church volunteer you have invented a story – a character that you are playing in this “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” world we live in.

So what are you doing?  Why are you here? Do you have some big purpose or do you spend your life just doing what “the world” has given you the impression you are supposed to do?  To me the most important question is, are you having a lot of fun?

If you are then great.  The character and story-line you have come up with is working out fine for you.  On the other hand if your days are filled with a lot of stress and anxiety and worries about things not working out the way you want, you should really consider coming up with a new story-line for yourself.  Re-invent yourself.  Take a little time to and disconnect from your “real” world and take account of all the positives -the things that do make you happy in your current story.  Savor those because they are elements you will want to keep.

Now, find a nice quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 15-20 minutes, sit down, close your eyes.  Just to relax a bit focus your attention on your breathing and take a few slow deep breaths.  Now, think about, imagine a new and improved story of your future that brings a smile to your face.  How would you act differently?  How would other people in your story react to you?  What kinds of things would you have fun doing?

It does not matter how great or poorly things are going for you at the moment, this exercise will prove beneficial.  Most people probably don’t accept that you can just decide to change your story-line.  They believe they were dealt a hand of cards and just have to play the game the best they can.  This is not true.  It is all up to you – everything in your life is up to you.  This is why we are certain you will find this exercise useful because if you take the time to do it often, you will demonstrate to yourself that you can believe your way right into a whole new story-line.

We have a couple of short podcasts at that will elaborate on these ideas.

Poverty Is A “State of Mind”

So what is the right course of action?  Inspire hope and a sense of self worth.

Most people believe that they simply have to make the best of a reality they have no control over. In “reality”, each of us is defining the world around us moment to moment by personal choices. Those choices about what to do and believe literally shape the world around us. Every one of us channels the energy and creative power of the cosmos. This is a dramatic reversal of “cause and effect”. Common wisdom would say that the cause of poverty is not enough money, a bad often violence filled environment, a disadvantaged start in life, poor education or lack of love and values in family environments.  But, as Mr. Carson stated, all of these “realities” are the result of having the wrong mind set. The challenge is that since we have been conditioned to totally accept as reality the world perceived by our five senses, it is very challenging to accept that it is all just a story line we have accepted for ourselves in our own imaginations. If an individual can mentally step out of their life and re-invent what they believe is their reality, they can have a new life as quickly as they are willing to believe it.

The problem with Mr. Carson’s statements on this issue are not that his statements are incorrect. Instead, it is because due to a lack of understanding of cause and effect people will think he is “blaming” people for their poverty and difficult lives. The only “fault” involved for the victims in any situation is that they have given in to fear and hopelessness.  If you don’t know that all you have to do is flip a switch to turn on the lights, there can be no blame that you sit in the darkness.

So where does the fault lie? The fault lies with a society that “believes” some people are of less value than others. The fault lies with a news media that preaches to us daily about all the trouble, violence and loss as though this is the predominant nature of our world. This “bad news story” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as people accept it as just the state of the world and let the destructive forces of fear, jealousy and distrust act as a corrosive and disruptive agent.

If Mr. Carson wants to validate his statements he must find ways to instill hope for a bright future and nurture the sense of self-worth and value of any individual that may be trapped in what is really just a bad dream. The worse someone’s “reality” is, the harder it is to break out of it. It is very difficult not to accept what you see around you as “real” and somehow a fate you have little control over.

As Mr. Carson said, it is all a “state of mind” but breaking out of that state of mind can be very difficult. However, Mr. Carson’s statements are of huge significance because what they acknowledge is that it is not about food stamps or money for the poor, it is about finding ways to instill a belief in the possibility of a new and improved reality. We must each work to reinvent the world because our shared beliefs, hopes and vision will impact the entire planet and result in an ever improved reality for all.   Hopefully, Mr. Carson will use his office to help lead us to a more hope filled, joyful and loving world.

Note: The picture at the top of this article shows Mr. Carson at a Habitat for Humanity event in Florida where, with the support of various organizations, a community will be built with the future residents investing their time, labor and money into the project. Mr. Carson’s support of this program is a natural because it is all about building a sense of self worth and a belief in a brighter future. It is about helping people have a new and improved state of mind.

Your Ship Has Come In. It’s Time To Get On Board For The Adventure Of A Lifetime.

Welcome to an exploration and guide to intentionally designing your personal reality.  Where you are right now and the life you are living is exactly where you need to be to move forward into this magical future of your own design.  In the days ahead you will find a reality where every day the joy of appreciation and adventure become the ever increasing focus of all your moments experiencing this physical world.  Just as important, as your skills develop you will have a positive transformative effect on the reality of everyone in your sphere of influence which ultimately is as vast as all of Creation.  This is really why you are here at what we shall call the cutting edge of Reality – you are here to have the fun and personal satisfaction of designing a life for yourself where you are consistently taking advantage of the vast energy you have at your command to shape reality.  Learning to let your “heart” be your compass, you will realize the value and importance of all of your hopes and dreams so that with confidence in the rightness of your mission you can allow the unfolding of a new reality filled with an ever increasing amount of happiness, prosperity and love.

The objective is to get you to realize you are controlling everything going on in your life.  Your thoughts and beliefs shape your experience of the world.  More than that we want to convince you that you can make whatever you want happen in your reality.  You have the absolute ability to design whatever storyline you want for yourself.  After reading through this guidebook you will realize that you are the cause and not the result of what has been going on in your life.  You will learn that with enough belief in yourself you can channel the unlimited power of Creation and reshape reality to your wishes.  You are at the cutting edge of Creation and it is up to you to determine the future.  You have been born into a time of great transition and transformation.  There are very powerful forces at work and the world is being divided between two diametrically different world views.  One is based on beliefs and traditions that have been dominant for centuries.  This was the age of Man and the material world.  The new age is shaped by consciousness and the realization of personal power.

Whether you are high or low in life the ideas in these pages will give you a perspective to help you get more out of everything you do.  While I am going to possibly offer you a unique perspective, none of the ideas or formulas in this book are new.   They are time tested and have been proven by individuals like you over and over again.  I think you will find that the ideas “feel” right.  Because of how energy and the cosmos work, it is safe to say that you would not be reading this now if it was not information you were looking for.  The words will mean different things to different people and what you do with the ideas is of course totally up to you.  The inspirations found by different people will vary based on mood and where they are on their personal evolutionary path.  Consider the concepts presented here and decide for yourself how they can benefit you.

It is totally possible for you to design a unique life experience for yourself regardless of what is going on around you.  You do not need to let the horrors of the world many live in have any impact on your life but this requires that you never tune into those “unwanted” frequencies.  In our world today those cruel, hateful, fear-ridden and poverty filled channels occupy a lot of airspace.  Common wisdom would suggest that we have no choice but to deal with all the unwanted stuff – maybe we think our only option is to “fight” it.  Here’s the glitch in that thinking: by “believing” in the horror we are further activating it – we are directly contributing to its creation.  Since “belief” controls everything about individual reality, it is up to us to come together and “believe” in an ever new and improved collective reality.  It is a big concept but what I am postulating is that by building a consensus of a better world our combined conscious energy can heal and positively evolve the planet and all of Creation for that matter.

Just as I don’t think you are reading these words by accident, a short time after finishing writing much of this book, I came across a book by Hank Wesselman called The Bowl of Light.  The book recounts discussions with a highly respected Hawaiian teacher and healer, Hale Kealohalani Makua, who, as Mr. Wesselman states at the beginning of the book, “entrusted me with his spiritual knowledge and who encouraged me to bring it to a wider world.”  Makua was a modern day Shaman and direct descendent of a long line of Hawaiian Spiritual leaders.  Wesselman’s book is an amazingly insightful book filled with valuable knowledge if you are determined to make a big step in your personal evolution of consciousness.  The truly exciting element for me was that all of the “knowing” that was expressed through Makua’s wisdom tradition was a powerful validation of the direction of ideas in this guidebook from a place far away in time and space and culture.  Reading it, while the metaphors differed, you will find no contradictions, only further illumination of the ideas.  I highly recommend putting The Bowl of Light on your reading list.

In Hank Wesselman’s book, Makua explains that we are entering the “Sixth Level of Reality” which began in 2013.  This curiously ties into the exact time the centuries old Mayan calendar ends.  According to Makua we have evolved through levels of pure survival to levels of ever increasing Spiritual awareness.  Gradually through thousands of years, we have gained awareness of our true nature as the shapers of our own and Creations’ future path.

From Wesselman’s book:  “You see,” Makua said, his dark eyes gazing deeply into the far distance, “it is at the sixth level that we really begin to establish an ongoing and formal connection with ‘Aumakua, our Higher Self, and when we do, we find something that is very important.  This is when we discover ‘Aumakua, our personal god-self, was, is, and forever will be our true teacher in spirit.  This is why we will never find a better teacher than ourselves.”  Makua went on to say concerning this next cycle of existence, “This means that we have to create a new foundation for the next cycle, and what we decide to build on this will determine the spiritual focus as well as our lifeways for much of the next several thousand years.”

Social conditioning is ever more pervasive and powerful as the Technology Age grows, dramatically opening communication between all members of our world community.  We are bombarded each day with opinions and information claiming to define reality.  As we will discuss in these pages, whatever we accept to be true will become true for each of us.  We must recognize that we are in control.  We must refuse to believe in and accept “realities” that we don’t want.  That is why big social changes often take generations to happen.  The old beliefs must slowly fall out of favor to allow new ones to emerge as newer actors on the stage of life form their own viewpoint.  That’s the REALITY we need to know:  we are each in control of our own destiny.  We have the ability to create, through our own imaging, new realities that eventually become the new and improved story lines for the adventure of all conscious life.

A big goal of this guidebook is to provide you with the awareness that you have been cast to play a crucial part in moving the physical world toward a new and more enlightened, joy filled reality.  As you get more involved in these ideas you will find much evidence that we are entering that new age as indicated by Makua.  With any major cultural change there is likely to be great resistance.  The status quo has no interest in changing how the game is played.  Just as personal freedoms and rights seem to be making significant strides forward, forces of discrimination and fear arise to push back.    It is very important that each of us take responsibility NOW for our personal evolution and thus the social and Spiritual evolution of the world we live in.  We all share an assignment – a mission if you will – this is a glorious quest, an adventure of mythical proportion.  As Mikua stated, “This means that we have to create a new foundation for the next cycle, and what we decide to build on this will determine the spiritual focus as well as our lifeways for much of the next several thousand years.”

It does all start with you.  This guidebook will demonstrate to you that what you believe to be reality can be shifted very quickly and that it is just the subjective perception of your mind.  Most important, you will realize that you can alter your reality at will.  It is not a fixed thing.  Reality has no substance other than what you choose to believe.

This guidebook proposes the analogy that your life can be lived as a glorious adventure game – a courageous quest to wield your innate creative power to shape an ever more magnificent and love filled world of beauty and personal satisfaction.  An adventure game where we are at the stage that we can move past a primary focus on the physical dimension.  There will continue to be more wonderful scientific and technological developments but the real playing field has moved to a higher level.  We are now on a quest to engage with our higher selves – that greater part of us that is infinite and all knowing – the higher consciousness part of each of us that has access to an energy field in which all of Creation swims.  Don’t get distracted by any terms that may seem religious.  All of the great religions and mystic traditions have just been attempts to explain the very realizations we are discussing here in terms of the consciousness levels of the time.  The evolution of consciousness is revealing a new perspective and appreciation of the concepts.  This is about energy and learning how to be the conduit for the infinite creative power and knowledge that is your true nature.

My hope is that the words in this guidebook have been chosen and placed in a manner that seeds of this awareness will be planted in many minds.  We do have the power to transform reality and the better we get at transforming it in line with our hopes and dreams, the more joy and love and fun we will have in each of our life experiences.  That’s the real objective of our part in the game – make the world a more carefree and loving place.  By the way, there is nothing “wrong” with anyone or anything.  It is all part of the grand adventure.  Everything is never going to be “perfect” because the evolution of consciousness will continue and we will always be seeking “new and improved” realities.  It is the very things that we are uncomfortable with that drive us ever forward.

Shakespeare’s line, “All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”, is more than mere metaphor.  There is likely a voice in your head that will rebel at this idea but we are going to elaborate – you live in a world of illusions where what you think of as reality is simply the result of conditioned perception and the consensus of opinion of groups of individuals.  You have decided on the components of your personal “reality”.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad in your life accept as you decide it.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or thinks, you totally control your own reality – you live in a world significantly different from any of your friends or relatives or co-workers, or anyone else for that matter.  Your reality is unique.  It shares components of the reality of others – things that you have decided to agree upon like gravity and linear time and the basic scenery surrounding you through commonly accepted life activities.  The important point is that everything is based on your choices – 100% control is yours to wield – you can be deliberate about your future or simply reactionary.

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Tapping in to the Power of Creation

Religions came into being primarily in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. This is why “science” and religion have often come in to conflict. Science will only accept something is real if it can be experienced by our five senses. Religion relies on “faith” to define reality even when no physical evidence exists. Both viewpoints have failed to make clear the truth about the world we live in.

There have been many “enlightened” individuals that have lived on this planet and known the truth. The best known of them is Jesus of Nazareth. He is widely believed to be “the son of God” with special powers and abilities granted to him as a “God” in human form. The truth of the matter is that Jesus was aware of how the Universe actually works and tried to explain it to his contemporaries with demonstrations including his big finale of “rising from the dead”. His demonstrations were deemed “miracles” because “science” couldn’t explain them. Even though Jesus told everyone that there was nothing he did that everyone was not capable of, a “religion” emerged to explain what seemed to be impossible in the reality most people believed in.

Jesus was actually quite clear about it:

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7,8

Belief and faith are the keys to unlocking the door to the reality Jesus provided such clear and unambiguous directions to. The science of our day has begun to realize that “beliefs” do have an effect on matter and a chain of events. However the fact that “belief” controls everything about the reality of the moment in a very literal way takes a big leap of “faith”. For the “scientist” there simply must be a “realistic” way to explain it.

The truth is we are all just like Jesus and capable of walking on water or changing water into wine. The trouble is, we just don’t believe it. For our rational human brains it is very difficult and even scary to accept that “thinking makes it so”. This is also why in Jesus’ teachings we are so often told to “fear not”. Fear is the opposite of faith in getting whatever it is you want. Whatever you “fear” you are literally asking for because you are having “faith” in an outcome you don’t want.

All that said, even if you totally accept the reality of what we have described it is not easy to “live it”. Belief is a tricky thing and your beliefs have been shaped by many external forces including all your friends, family and those you interact with in day to day life. You are bombarded by an almost all pervasive media of many forms that proclaims to represent the “real” world. To disregard all of that and accept that you can with absolute certainty ask for and get any world you are inspired to have for yourself takes some determination and practice. This is why the “Road to Enlightenment” has often been thought to be navigable by only the rare individual. This is not so – you are totally capable of doing it, just as capable as Jesus.

You have been born at a time of very significant transformation. For many millennia our evolution has been about living more effectively and efficiently in the material world. There will be much more development of the physical material world but the real evolution is shifting to consciousness as we begin to realize we can transcend the perceived limitations of the “real” world. This is because you are a physical being but, like Jesus, you are directly tapped into the infinite creative power of the Universe. The only thing you need to do is learn to guide your thinking in the direction you most want to go.

The most crucial concept to accept is that all this just may be true. Next you must try asking for some things and see how you do. “Moving a mountain” takes a pretty powerful belief that is in total opposition to existing world views of the nature of reality. Therefore start with small stuff that you can more easily believe in. Maybe request a very clear answer to some question you have or decree that you are going to find something that is missing during the next 48 yours. When your request is fulfilled be sure to savor the feeling and offer a little thanks to the Universe for a job well done.

This path will make your life a joyous adventure. Also you will have a very definite impact in shaping the future for the entire planet. Every positive thought and form you add to the collective reality will benefit all of Creation. It may be “the road less traveled” but it is definitely the road you are supposed to be on.

A “PositiVibes Guidebook” has been prepared to help you navigate the adventure ahead. It will help you in your “believing” and help you avoid some of the potholes in the road. Visit if you are interested in getting a copy.

Wishing you happy adventuring! Together we can design an ever more delightful life experience for ourselves and in so doing, all the beings and creatures we share the planet with.