Thoughts on the Time Space Continuum


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So. The auto-simultaneously generated   virtual synthesis of reality that one can exist in and change as the Matrix,  would only exist in one’s consciousness which may be the canvas for all realities.

The use of the Matrix as an analogy confuses the issue because there is no “alternate” reality below the surface or hidden anywhere.  Also we are not creating a virtual “in consciousness” reality – we are literally creating a very REAL material world with our thoughts and beliefs.  Just because your consciousness has manifested a nice car for you to drive does not mean that it can’t be stolen or crashed if you allow that to happen.

To be outside of your consciousness is the question?  If you’re outside of your consciousness who controls what is happening every second of reality? (The Game)
The game needs a player.

You can never be outside of your consciousness – but you can always extend the range of your consciousness.  If your localized expression of consciousness (that’s John and Steven at the moment) achieves a really good connection with what we can call the “cloud” – a computer/network analogy is quite good – your temporarily localized consciousness (having residence in your “player”) has access to all that has ever existed.  Most times we only get bits of communication with our more cosmic self – our “Source or cosmic or Soul, whatever” self is like a drop of water in the ocean of all of creation – a Universal energy field – the 95% of the Universe that remains undefined other than as dark matter – unique but also inseparable from the whole.  Those signals and bits of information come to us in the form of inspiration and feeling good or bad about something going on.  They drive our EGS (Emotional Guidance System).  “Let your heart be your guide” has profound truth – you can do and create anything you want but you to have fun in the “creation game” – which is why you came in the first place – if you don’t follow the direction of your EGS you will not have a very good time playing.

So you are never outside of your consciousness since it IS you – however you can run locally on auto pilot (ego basic operating system) where your consciousness has forgotten it is supposed to be running the show and it is just observing what the character it has created as an interface with the material world decides to do.

In the Game….
The concept of time travel sounds do able  …going into the future or back in time. But if you start thinking about the complexity of it. You would have to effect time and space in all directions infinity at the conscious point of your journey.

So let’s think about time travel.  Going back in time as a spectator would not be particularly difficult since you already have been there – you have definitely played the game many many times before.  Through your connection to the “cloud” you could access information like tuning in an old TV show.  I think the point is why? other than for amusement like watching the old TV show.  You are at the edge of Creation – it is the only NOW that exists and you are playing an important role in designing it.  What we are saying here is that you and I are LITERALLY CREATORS of time, space and matter.  We are doing it as a group but the more “belief” energy you can summon, the more you will be in the driver’s seat rather than just along for the ride.
It’s easy to say it or think we are in a game …..but the science is not there. It is like the complication of time travel.

The science is definitely moving in the direction of appreciating how much “belief” affects material reality.  Quantum Physics has demonstrated clearly that the expectation of the observer in an experiment affects the result.  Now, as to the “game” aspect – you can read the more complete set-up in my book ( but again the idea is that you are a point of consciousness (like an individual computer on an infinite network) that is operating this very real avatar physical form that happens to be called (your name here).  The concept of a “game” should not imply that it is not REAL – it is all very real it is just that you get decide what real is.  AND, the only REAL is right here and now because in the ongoing action/creation arena, this is all there is – so you can’t really travel in time because it is all right here – there is nowhere to go.  You are at the ever evolving edge of Creation – the only place anything is happening NOW.  Also, it is you that is creating the future realities because you at the point where everything new is unfolding into the material.

Who created the game and its rules.

GOD – Source – the Force – an all encompassing energy field – or maybe just a far “bigger” being that we are inside like one of the zillions of cells in our own physical bodies.  Anyway, like our “cells” we are part of “it”.  The “game” was created as the medium for this energy field to express itself and have some fun and adventure.  First it created the heavens and Earth… after a lot of work, we came along and gradually became very advanced individualized expressions of Source.  We are quite special because while as a species we still have a ways to go, we are reaching the point where we are realizing we have been given the keys to the control room.  We have what many other life forms do not: the power to choose what we want.  We can be and do whatever we want as long as we are willing to accept and believe in our power.

There is really only one rule to the game – Ask and It is Given.  Like having a magic lamp with unlimited wishes – all we have to do is ask and believe to get whatever we want.  The catch 22 that gets people all the time is that “asking” always has two possible energy signatures – one is focused on the “wanting” and the other is focused on the “not wanting” – you will get the response asked for either way.  Lots of times nothing much happens because you really want that new car but you really don’t think you are going to get it for some reason – your energy is not focused in either direction.

Why do we play it?

Why do we play?  For the fun and adventure of living the story we create for ourselves – love, joy, heartbreak and the good old thrill of victory.  People have a lot of interesting and exciting stories going on that we get to interact with and help shape the outcomes and plot twists in directions we find pleasing.  It’s quite exciting and thrilling even – to come up with ways to fly around the planet and have vehicles that can speed us around… the satisfaction of coming up with some way to help another character repair the avatar they have for the game… all kinds of things driven by our constant urge to improve things and add more satisfaction and joy to the story of us.  It really comes down to being about LOVE – it is like an artist channeling love and spiritual energy into a new physical form.  I think LOVE is actually the best name for the force we all exist in and tap into to create our moment to moment realities.

I find the answer here…. 
If there were no words…..would there be a game? Words are our illusion. Seeing past words is our journey.

I think words are merely our common means of articulating what is going on in the game – maybe game is too flippant a term to use – we are talking about creating all that is – solid and very REAL although always in our control.  In the possibly near future we probably won’t need words at all.  Words are only necessary because most of us are too anxious about being this little spec of life in a vast and unknowable Universe.  Once we relax and more of us realize our true nature the separation between us will dissipate and we will be able to communicate without words.  So, yes, seeing past words is actually our journey.

The point I believe, is not to take ourselves so seriously or anything for that matter.  Just keep your direction and belief energy following toward the direction your heart takes you and enjoy the adventure constantly expecting it to unfold in magical and exceptionally wonderful ways.  Cheers.



Magic Words:  Rasa Hum (I am one with all life energy) 

Judge not least ye be judged.  This is one of many often quoted lines from the bible which is one of the first and best personal growth books ever written.  Like a lot of self help books it can be difficult to understand sometimes because so much of the teaching is done through parables and metaphor that were meant to assure lasting value in a dynamic and ever changing world.  Also of course it has been translated and re-written numerous times injecting opinions that could easily stray from the original intent.  None the less, “judge not” is a very clear statement that is likely true to the original intent.

What it the lesson here?  JUDGE NOT.  Since it is followed up by “least ye be judged” it seems to mainly be concerned with judging others but it is important to just stay with “judge not”.  Since judging is about finding fault generally, finding fault with yourself or feeling you are “unworthy” for all the good life has to offer is an important part of what you are being warned against in “judge not”.

You ARE WORTHY of every wonderful thing life has to offer.  Accept that as truth and you will have learned a most important success secret.  Not only are you worthy, you are one with all life energy and power.  You are perfect in everyway already.  You are a continuously evolving creative being learning how to bring your hopes and dreams into reality.  The only thing that will hold you back is self doubt – self judgement.  You deserve everything that you want – just allow yourself to believe it.


All You Need Is Love

It’s a song by John Lennon with a little help from his friend Paul and it really says it all.  All You Need Is LOVE.  Love is all you need.

Could it possibly be that simple?  Truth is deceivingly simple and often hard to believe.  The truth is, no Zen koan could better capture the essence of successful living.  While the words are quite direct some elaboration on the logic of the statement is probably necessary to realize how to apply this truth in your own life.

First let’s expand on the word LOVE with some good synonyms:  thankfulness, appreciation and joy. Each of those words express components of the feeling of love.  Think about someone or something you really love.  The more you focus on that feeling the more you will experience an uplifting feeling of energy and wellbeing.  It will bring a smile to your face.  Focusing on that “feeling” of love has a powerful effect on body and mind.  This is the reason that spending your days seeking things to appreciate and be grateful for is the single most powerful “success” habit you can adopt.

This does not mean that everything in your moment to moment reality will be circumstances to be joyful about.  The trick is to keep your focus on the things youcan be thankful for.  Anytime you find yourself feeling bad or even just uncomfortable about something, imagine your way to the how you will feel when the situation ends up working out just right for all involved – how will you feel then?  That’s the feeling to energize. If the problem feels too overwhelming to get the feeling of it all working out perfectly then shift your focus to something entirely different where you can feel good.  Allowing yourself to focus on the “unwanted” will just give energy to that outcome.

Even if you don’t accept that whatever outcome you choose to “believe in” will become your reality, spending your time focused on appreciating all the good things going on in your life is a lot more satisfying than dwelling on possible problems.  “Worrying” about some unwanted situation will never make it go away; it will only make it worse.  For a really happy life you must diligently cast your worries aside and consistently seek out things you appreciate and are thankful for.  As Joseph Campbell stated, “follow your bliss” – that will always keep you on the path to where you want to go.

So, all you really need is LOVE.  With love and appreciation as your dominant emotions, everything will always work out wonderfully well for you and even if it takes a while, you will enjoy the journey.  We will end with another Beatles’ song lyric, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”